Biolyst, LLC is a Minneapolis, Minnesota medical company, founded in 2010 that specializes in providing the tools needed to affect symptom relief for all symptoms of peripheral neuropathy using a proprietary non-invasive multi-modality treatment protocol combining photobiomodulation and physiotherapy – Realief Therapy. Realief Therapy is offered thru an exclusive network of medical clinics.

ALL DATA on this site is from an on-going patient registry of consented patients receiving treatment at a Realief Therapy treatment center. The outcomes shown are a comparison of signs and symptoms at the start of care vs the end of initial care.

Patient Demographics

Most patients seeking treatment are presenting with symptoms other than pain. Patients begin to experience symptom relief typically in the 2nd or 3rd week of initial care treatment.

Treatment Results

Symptoms are assessed at each treatment visit and signs are assessed at every third visit. This information drives the treatment protocols and gives the clinician treatment results.

Center Operations

Realief Therapy is offered as a cash-pay service. Biolyst provides software tools to assist Realief Therapy treatment centers with managing a cash-pay service line and the Realief Therapy treatment software provides patients with tangible results.